Seasonal Frangipan Tart
Seasonal Berries/Fruit Baked on a Buttery Frangipan Cream topped with Almonds
Mini $6.00 | Slice $5.00 | Round $27
Savory Tart
Seasonal Vegetables Baked with an Egg-based
Custard in a Flaky Tart Shell
Mini $5.00 | Slice $4.00 | Round $35
Apple Pie
Local Apples in a Custom Spice Mix Baked in a Flaky Tart Shell. Can also be made with Plums, Pears or other Fruit/Berries on Hand
Mini $6.00 | Slice $5.00 | Round $30
Almond Breakfast Cake
Almond Cake Topped with Seasonal Berries or Fruit
Mini $6.00 | Slice $5.00 | Round $27

Carrot Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting
Slice $4.00 | Round $25 | Sheet Cake $40
Brown Sugar Upside Down Cake
Almond Crumb Cake with Buttery Brown Sugar Topping
Mini $5.00 | Slice $4.00 | Round $27
Triple Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Cookie Crust filled with Dark Chocolate Flourless Filling and a Dark Chocolate Glaze
Mini $6.00 | 9 inch Tart $40
German Chocolate Cake
Moist Chocolate Layer Cake with Almond Coconut Caramel Filling and Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting – This can be made in custom sizes, call us for prices.
1/2 Sheet Cake $45 | Whole Sheet Cake $90

Lemon Cake
Simple Lemon Sheet Cake with a Buttery Lemon Glaze
Square Cake $25