Savory Tart
Seasonal vegetables and feta cheese baked in a
rich custard and flaky pastry
$38 (8 people)
Seasonal Frangipane Tart
Buttery tart shell filled with frangipane cream and
topped with seasonal fruit and almonds.
$34 (8 people)
Seasonal Fruit Pie
Local fruit is baked between two flaky pie crusts. Upon availability, other
seasonal fruits can be substituted.
$30 (6-8 people)
Gâteau Basque
Vanilla Bean Cream and Seasonal Fruit
tucked inside an Almond Scented Rich Pastry.
$36 (8 people)
Coconut-Carrot Cake
Moist, and faintly slightly spiced,
with a rich coconut cream cheese frosting.
9” Round $29 (8-10 people) Sheet cake $43 (12-15 people)
Lemon Cake
Lemon juice and zest create a tender cake with
seasonal berries, and a buttery lemon glaze.
$35 (15 people)
Brown Sugar Upside Down Cake
Seasonal fruit baked inside a rich brown sugar
cake – encased in a crusty caramel.
$32 (8 people)
German Chocolate Cake
Two layers of moist chocolate cake are filled with
almond-coconut caramel, and finished with
cocoa cream cheese frosting.
9” Round $40 (8-10 people) 1/2 sheet cake $45 (12 people)
full sheet cake $105 (30 people)

Triple Chocolate Tart
Chocolate cookie crust with a dark chocolate
filling, and a chocolate glaze.
$40 (8-10 people)