The pride of our shop. Hand-shaped, our baguettes
are perfectly chewy while crispy – hot if you
at the right time!
Pain de Mie
A light, white bread with a thin crust.
The perfect sandwich-making loaf.
Olive oil, rosemary and grey sea salt season this light bread.
$2 per piece
The classic sandwich roll, filled with air pockets
and a light, delicate crust.
$1 per piece/div>

Sourdough Rye
A hearty loaf, with a thick dark crust and tender crumb. Complex flavors are created from a long fermentation process, using only natural yeast levain. Organic, locally grown and milled rye and whole wheat flours.
$7 per loaf
Whole Wheat Sourdough with Walnuts
Rustic loaves filled with walnuts. Deep flavors develop with natural yeasts and extended fermentation.
$8 per loaf $2.20 per roll
The perfect sandwich loaf made with whole wheat flour, sesame seeds, oats, flax seeds and sunflower seeds.
$7 per loaf $2 per roll
Oat Loaves
With its delicate, yet moist crumb, kids especially love this slightly enriched oatmeal whole wheat bread – great for sandwiches.
$7 per loaf $2 per roll
This dense 100% organic rye loaf is made with sprouted rye berries and topped with seeds.
$9.80 per large loaf $4.75 per small loaf
Perfect for French Toast, or to eat as is with jam, this rich bread is made with eggs and butter.
$9.25 per loaf $3.50 per brioche à tête $4 per orange
Beautifully braided loaves, sweetened with honey.
Available on Fridays.
$9 per loaf