The pride of our shop. Our baguettes are perfectly
chewy and crusty at the same time and hot
if you come at the right time!
Pain de Mie
A light, white bread with a thin crust.
The perfect sandwich-making loaf.
Extra fluffy and crusted with olive oil,
rosemary and grey sea salt.
The classic sandwich roll, filled with
air pockets and a light delicate crust.
$1 per piece
Sourdough Rye
Hearty thick crusted rye sourdough loaves with a thick
crust and soft crumb. Deep flavors are developed from a long fermentation process, using only natural yeast.
$7 per loaf
Whole Wheat Sourdough with Walnuts
Rustic, extended fermentation, whole wheat
bread with walnuts.
$7.10 per loaf $2.20 per roll
Fjord Bread
A mostly whole grain loaf made from whole milled grains including, spelt, rye and oats imported from Norway.
$7.10 per loaf $2.20 per roll
Seeded Rye Bread
A seed crusted rye bread full of pumpkin, sesame,
sunflower and flax seeds.
$7.10 per loaf $2.20 per roll
A dense malty loaf made with 100 % Organic rye flour and sprouted rye berries, topped with seeds. It stays fresh for days.
$9.80 per loaf
Soft and rich, made with butter and eggs.
Brioche à tête, orange brioche and loaves (perfect for french toast) made daily.
$9.25 per loaf $3.50 per brioche à tête $4 per orange
Traditional enriched bread in 6-braid loaves or rolls. Available upon request one day in advance.
$8.90 per loaf $2.20 per roll